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Important Points to Remember About Aircraft Appraisal

Those company that are known in terms of airline, well aircraft appraisal for this company is not a big deal. According to the National Business Aviation Association, those people or corporation who can afford its own plane, do not have advocacy groups for their buyers. Meaning, when it comes to selling your plane, you are on your own. Aircraft appraisal fees depends on the size of your jet, the length of time it was used and the whole analysis. The following are important points to remember about aircraft appraisal.

Fees will vary depending on the size of the aircraft and the length of time involved in completing analyses of all relevant data

One, it is important for you to know it’s intent because not all the time appraisals are equal. This simply means that you are helping the owner find a way to market his/her aircraft. Discussing and analyzing the key areas of your appraisal would be the main objective of your appraisal.

Second is that, you should also keep in mind the persons you are going to work and build your framework for your report. Because aircraft appraisal industry is not regulated well, everyone can put a value for you aircraft since there are no standards or training about this. In order to be safe, you can consult to these two organizations that provide training and professional development, these are the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA). A qualified appraiser must possess requirements like well trained and should be have enough knowledge and conducts field visits. Database that is use for the analysis should be carefully take into consideration. There is a difference between publication database and the appraisers database, publication only advertise with prices merely giving details about the jet, while appraiser’s database gives you the full details and updated prices.

Third, make sure the details of your appraisal are complete, and that your buyer should conduct also inspection and ask questions about the aircraft, and make sure your appraiser must know all the details including history of your aircraft.

Provide your buyers with the aircraft history maintenance and other reports that serves to be objective and try to avoid being subjective about it because this will not matter in aircraft appraisal.

Interiors that are simple yet within the standards are highly recommended by some organization in appraising your aircraft, because not all the time your preference is the same as the buyer.

The main thing is that aircraft appraisal is purely on details about your jets, it’s history and it’s condition.

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